How to successfully sell your products online 

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Online sale has become very common, easy and widely available. It has numerous advantages – it is quick, easy, it does not require many additional costs and it is available to anyone with Internet connection. However, selling a product or a range of products requires application of several techniques, in order to increase sale, create more potential customers and make them interested in what you sell. No matter if you own a company and sell items online in addition to traditional sales, or you sell handmade craft items, there are several steps you should take to make your sale successful.


online-advertising-arrowIn order to make people hear about your product, the first and the most important step to take is advertisement. The ways of advertising online are practically endless. When it comes to paid methods of advertisement, you can choose to create a banner and buy advertisement space on websites that generate a lot of visits and which deal with the topics that attracts your target audience and potential buyers. You can also choose to use solo ads. You can get the best solo ads by searching Google right now and find a ton of companies like Solo Ads Agency or Home Business Agency.

You can also buy ads on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, because in the world of Internet marketing, social networks can contribute immensely. Other than paid ads, you can also choose to advertise for free or for very little money by using guerrilla marketing strategies – social network sharing, organizing a contest or a giveaway etc.


screen-shot-2012-10-10-at-114232-pmpng-180e807376f79fbaImages are the most viewed and the most shared type of media on the Internet. Therefore, to promote your product successfully and catch people’s attention, you need to have catchy, interesting images of high quality. Avoid at all costs posting photos of your products taken by a cell phone, because it leaves wrong impression and makes you seem unprofessional. If you do not have a camera or you do have it, but simply do not have photographic skills or creative ideas, do not hesitate to hire a products photographer.

Clear description

When shopping online, it is very difficult to get a realistic impression of the items’ size, feel, materials etc. Therefore, when you have an online store, you will need to provide the description of your products which should be as detailed as possible. Depending on the type of products you sell, you should choose which details you will provide in a description, because you want to avoid writing too long list of details, which can seem boring and can make people actually stop reading. Other than giving details, you can feel free to add some personal touch to the description, to be funny and make it sound personal, because it is a good way to capture and keep someone’s attention.


Creating a relationship

Creating a relationship with your customers is a very important part of doing business. If you form friendly and trusting atmosphere between you and the buyers, you will leave good impression, make the customers buy from you again, and recommend you to their friends. Te word of mouth is sometimes more powerful then advertising. Answer your buyers’ questions patiently, be friendly and kind, listen to their needs and read comments. Your effort will not stay unrecognized and it will be rewarded by a network of satisfied customers. Another tip is using Amazon to sell your products.

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How to recognize a scam home-based job offer 

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Online business


Great changes have occurred in concept of working and earning in the past decade or two, thanks to the Internet. Therefore, it is now possible to conduct a successful business based at home, to sell product online or to work for a foreign company on a number of different jobs for which you need only a computer and Internet connection. If you are new in working and making money online, it can happen that you get attracted to some of the jobs that may turn out to be nothing but scam. If you agree on doing some of these jobs, not only that you can end up unpaid for what you have done, but you can even lose a certain amount of money.

Scam organizations that offer working from home find different ways to reach people. They send emails, advertise on social networks, engage people to advertize them by leaving comments on social networks, they use pop-up windows etc. In this article we will provide some signs that can help you recognize a scam job offer.

There is sometimes only one of these signs, but you are most likely to receive an offer that combines several or even all of these statements:

No experience or special skills required

If you get an offer for a home based job which states that there is no any experience required and that you do not need any skills, you have all the rights to be suspicious about it. Commons sense tells us that there is no job where you can be successful without having certain skills, education or experience in a certain area.

Enormous earnings are promised

This is one of the most common reasons why people generally tend to fall for these offers. There are many people desperate for money because of unemployment, high medical or other bills, a mortgage or college tuition fees they need to pay. Also, there are those who simply find an opportunity like this tempting and intriguing. If you get an offer for an extremely well-paid job that requires no experience or skills – ignore it.

Only few hours of work a day is enough for high earnings

money_PNG3544This is also one of the common tactics to attract gullible, desperate or too busy Internet users. Again, you can rely on your common sense that there is no job that can be done part-time and bring you earnings of a three-month full time work.

Secure and well-paid job

In scam offers like this there is usually a statement that says it is a secure, well-paid job. This is stated in order to make the users feel more secure and to gain trust, which is definitely going to be lost after the user is cheated.

Legitimate work


Some money needs to be paid in advance

If you get an offer for a job that requires you to pay a membership fee or any sum of money in advance, just ask yourself- what kind of employer would require the potential employees to pay him? These scams usually do not require a sum that is too high, and they promise incredible conditions, which is why people often think – Oh well, it is not too much to pay, why shouldn’t I try. The final result is that you have lost the amount of money that may not be too high, but when it gets multiplied by the number of cheated people – the account is clear.

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Disadvantages of home based business 

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Home-BusinessStarting your own business at home and being self-employed is now more common than ever, thanks to the technological development and the Internet, which can bring you clients from all over the world. Owning a home based business has a lot of good sides, such as reduced costs, less risk, no travel expenses and so on. However, there are certain disadvantages of owning your own business and connecting the working environment to the home environment. Here are the most significant disadvantages of owning a home based business:

Requires self-discipline

Since having a home based business demands that you are at home eve when you are working, it is necessary that you have high level of self-discipline and self-control. This is especially the case if you do not have contact with clients at your home office, but you work online. In order to be successful, it is necessary to stick to a consistent schedule, which may pose a problem for those who lack self-discipline.

Uneven working hours

If you are a business owner, it may take you a lot of time to deal with paperwork and other obligations every business owner has. Even though a home based office means that you will not lose time in transportation, you may lose that time on doing business that would be done by someone else if you worked for an employer. Also, if you lack self-discipline, you may spend a lot more time working that you would in other workplace.


Inconsistent pay schedule

As an owner of your own business, you directly depend on the clients and their payments. This means that you may not have a salary that will be equal and paid on the same day every month, which can make planning a living and distribution of expenses very difficult.

More distractions

bigstock-Red-help-button-45368059-300x200Having a home office means that you get to be closer to your family, but it can also have some negative sides. You may often get distracted if your family members do not understand that during the working hours you need to concentrate on work only. Additionally, you may other distractions in social networks or job-unrelated websites, which is not so common if you work in a company, since the access to social networks is usually blocked in most of them.

Difficult to get tech support

When you work for a company, it usually has the tech support department to which you can turn if anything goes wrong. When you have your own home based business, unless you are an IT technician, it is more difficult and demanding to get technical support when you need it.


If your home based work requires conversing with clients, this should not b a problem you will encounter. However, if you only work online, correspond to your clients via e-mail and do not have co-workers, you may feel lonely and isolated during the working hours, which can pose a great problem especially to people who enjoy socializing.

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